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The IBBI Seeks Simplification of Enrolment and Registration Process for Insolvency Profession

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) has recently released a discussion paper inviting public comments on the simplification of the enrolment and registration process for individuals in the insolvency profession. This move aims to streamline and enhance the ease of entry into the insolvency profession in the country.

The discussion paper highlights several key issues that the IBBI seeks to address through the proposed simplification measures. These include:

I. Simplification of Enrolment and Registration Process:

The IBBI aims to simplify the process of enrolment and registration for individuals seeking membership in the insolvency profession. By examining the current procedures, the board intends to identify areas where the process can be made more efficient and user-friendly.

II. Modification in Exam and Pre-Registration Educational Course (PREC) Requirements:

Another aspect under consideration is the modification of examination and pre-registration educational course requirements. The IBBI recognizes the need to strike a balance between ensuring the competence of professionals entering the insolvency field and reducing any potential barriers to entry.

III. Streamlining Exit and Compliance Obligations:

The discussion paper also addresses the need for streamlining the exit process and associated compliance obligations. This includes scenarios such as the suspension, surrender, or expulsion of professional membership by the Insolvency Professional Agency (IPA), as well as the demise of an individual insolvency professional (IP) or the winding up/dissolution of an entity.

The IBBI encourages stakeholders, professionals, and the public to provide their feedback and suggestions on these issues. The aim is to facilitate a more efficient and accessible enrolment and registration process while maintaining the necessary standards and compliance measures within the insolvency profession.

Interested parties can submit their comments on the discussion paper to the IBBI within the specified timeframe, after which the board will assess the feedback received and consider implementing appropriate measures to simplify the enrolment and registration process for the insolvency profession.

The IBBI's initiative to seek public input demonstrates its commitment to promoting transparency, inclusiveness, and continuous improvement within the insolvency framework of India. The simplified process, once implemented, is expected to attract a wider pool of qualified professionals to the insolvency profession and contribute to its overall growth and effectiveness.

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