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REEDLAW Article Submission

Practitioners, academicians and law students are invited to submit their contribution in the form of original opinions and articles, both descriptive and analytical in nature, for publication on REEDLAW online portals as well in our leading law journals - Insolvency and Bankruptcy Reporter (Corporate), Insolvency and Bankruptcy Reporter (Individual and Partnership Firm) and Banking Commercial Law Reporter (Bank CLR).

The submission shall be based on the following subject areas of laws -  insolvency, bankruptcy, foreign exchange, securitization, corporate, banking and debt recovery. 

Submission (original and non-plagiarized) can be made by emailing the original manuscript of the submission in a Microsoft Word file (.docx) to with an appropriate cover letter specifying the details of the author(s) (name, profession, formal photograph).

The submission shall not be copied, plagiarized or published in whole or in part and shall refer to adequate citations in case of a reference to other sources. The publication of the article and the medium of the publication (blog, magazine, law reporter, etc.) will be subject to the sole discretion and review of the editorial team at REEDLAW. Upon publication, the work shall become the property of REEDLAW and the copyright for the work shall be held with REEDLAW. 

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