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NCLT Implements Major Reshuffle: Judicial Members and Technical Members Reassigned Across Benches

On Thursday, the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) announced reassigning three judicial members and six technical members to different benches. The judicial members affected by the transfers are as follows:

  1. Justice (retd) T Krishnavalli - Moved from Bengaluru to Kochi.

  2. Patibandla Satyanarayana Prasad - Relocated from New Delhi to Chandigarh.

  3. HV Subba Rao - Transferred from Mumbai to Guwahati.

Similarly, the technical members who have been transferred are:

  1. Satya Ranjan Prasad - Shifted from Cuttack to Guwahati.

  2. Sameer Kakar - Moved from Chennai to Ahmedabad.

  3. Anuradha Sanjay Bhatia - Relocated from Mumbai to Amravati.

  4. Shyam Babu Gautam - Transferred from Mumbai to Kochi.

  5. LN Gupta - Moved from New Delhi to Chandigarh.

  6. Subrata Kumar Dash - Transferred from Chandigarh to New Delhi.

The notification has clarified that all members, except LN Gupta and Subrata Kumar Dash, are required to immediately assume their roles in their respective new positions.

In response to a parliamentary question last year, it was disclosed that as of December 2022, the NCLTs across India had 1 President and 37 members (18 judicial and 19 technical), which is less than the sanctioned strength of 1 President and 62 members (31 judicial and 31 technical).

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