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NCLAT Principal Bench continues to hold the sitting in Virtual Mode from 31 May '21

Some of the Members/ officials of NCLAT or their family members tested positive for COVID-19 and as affected or post-Covid problems or due to close contact are under medical treatment/quarantined, the Competent Authority of NCLAT has taken note of the present conditions created by COVID-19 where the situation is still precarious and has, by way of a temporary measure, and until further Orders, been pleased to pass the following directions: -

  1. In the present situation, NCLAT will continue to hold the Sittings in Virtual Mode.

  2. Except in cases of Office exigencies, the Bench/Benches nominated by the Hon'ble Officiating Chairperson shall hear the matters through Virtual Mode (Video Conferencing) with Member/Members connected either from Tribunal or their residential Offices, when present at the Head Quarters at NCR of Delhi or Chennai, as the case may be.

  3. With effect from 31.05.2021, fresh matters and matters in which dates are already given may be listed. As regards matters filed before 4th January 2021 and those matters which are not available in electronic mode, the same would be initially listed for "Directions" and if in such matters Learned Advocates/Authorised Representatives/ Parties-in-Person seek the hearing, and if concerned Bench accepts the request, and if the Bench so directs the parties will file convenience compilation/s in electronic mode from the record of the matter as may be required by the Bench and convenience compilation/s which the parties would refer or rely on at the time of such hearing as may be directed. Parties will exchange the convenience compilation/s between them before the date of such hearing, as may be directed by the concerned Bench.

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