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IBBI organises training on insolvency for Indian Economic Service Officers

IBBI organised a one-week training programme for 2019 batch of 30 Indian Economic Service (IES) officers from 15th to 19th February, 2021. The programme exposed the officers comprehensively to the insolvency reforms, its implementation and outcomes, the ecosystem, the issues and challenges, and the road ahead.

The performance of the officers was evaluated. The three best performers, namely, Mr. Anshuman Kamila, Ms. Archana Kumari and Ms. Saumya Gautam were awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, respectively.

The eminent faculty included Dr. K. P. Krishnan, Professor, IEPF Chair Professor, NCAER; Dr. Shashank Saksena, Senior Economic Adviser, Ministry of Finance; Mr. B. Sriram, Former MD, IDBI Bank; Dr. Aparna Ravi, Partner, Samvad Partners; Mr. Ashok Haldia, Chairman, IIIP ICAI; Mr. S. Ramann, MD, NeSL; Dr. Subhashis Gangopadhyay, Research Director, IDF; Mr. Anurag Das, MD, International Asset Reconstruction Company; Mr. Satish Kumar Gupta, IP; Dr. Renuka Sane, Associate Professor, NIPFP and Ms. Sripriya Kumar, IP.

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