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IBBI in association with TNNLU & GCCIL is organising an International Conference on MSMEs

About the Conference

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises play a vital role in the Indian economy. The sector is one of the major contributors to the socio-economic status of our country. The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has bought severe hardship to various sectors among which the most vulnerable and affected enterprises are MSMEs. A large number of MSMEs are facing financial stress and insolvency issues. Therefore, in order to promote the innovations from the grass-root level, the need of the hour is to protect such MSMEs by making available adequate, low-cost funds in a timely manner.

Considering the repayment abilities of the MSME sector, the Government has brought an amendment to the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) by inserting a new provision for a pre-pack resolution scheme for MSMEs. This new scheme empowers the MSME corporate debtor to activate the bankruptcy process and is expected to come up with the solution/resolution in less time and lower expenses. It will also help the MSMEs to absorb and recover from the financial shock that they are facing during the ongoing covid-19 pandemic.

Apart from the insolvency issues, several other aspects are required to be deeply looked into, to enhance the overall structural framework, both from the legislative and regulatory side. This conference will provide a platform to discuss and disseminate the different aspects pertaining to the legislative and regulatory framework of MSMEs. This intense academic discussion will help in identifying the correction needed so that the MSMEs continue to stand as a major support to the Indian economy, even after the pandemic.

Inaugural Session

(11.00 – 12.00 hrs)

• Dr. Navrang Saini, Chairperson, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Board of India

• Prof. (Dr.) S. Shanthakumar, Director, GNLU

• Prof. (Dr.) V S Elizabeth Vice-Chancellor, TNNLU

• Ms. Athita Komindr Head, UNCITRAL RCAP

• Prof. (Dr.) Mamata Biswal, Dean, Academics and Faculty Affairs, GNLU

The link to join the inaugural session is Click here

Technical Sessions





12.15–13.45 hrs

Technical Session 1

MSMEs: Legal and Regulatory Challenges

Technical Session 2

MSMEs and Indian Economy: Role of Government

14.15–15.45 hrs

Technical Session 3


Technical Session 4

MSMEs and Impact of COVID-19

International Roundtable

“MSMEs: Legislative and Regulatory Challenges”

(16.00 hrs – 17.45 hrs)

• Mr. Ritesh Kavdia Executive Director, IBBI (Chair)

• Mr. Robert Walters Professor of Law Victoria University, Australia

• Ms. Monica Canafoglia Legal Officer at ITLD Office of Legal Affairs, UNCITRAL Vienna

• Ms. Lyn Martin Professor of Entrepreneurship Innovation Anglia Ruskin University, UK

• Ms. Stephanie Rohlfing-Dijoux Professor of Law University of Paris

• Dr. Rajendra Prasad Gunputh Dean, School of Law University of Mauritius

• Ms. Poonam Sinha Director, Entrepreneurship Education NIESBUD

• Mr. Anurag K Agarwal Professor of Law, IIM - Ahmedabad

• Mr. Debajyoti Ray Chaudhuri MD & CEO, NeSL

• Mr. Dhananjay Singh (IRS)

• Mr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta, CGM, IBBI

The link to join the Roundtable isClick here

For any further information/clarification, please feel free to write to:

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