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High Court Holds Go Airline in Contempt for Aircraft Maintenance Failures

Delhi High Court single-judge bench of Justice Ms. Tara Vitasta Ganju observed the Respondent was guilty of wilful and deliberate violation of a judgment of this court.

The High Court held that the respondent was in contempt of court for failing to comply with previous judgments regarding the maintenance and inspection of aircraft. Despite the respondent's claims of financial difficulties, the court found their actions to be willful disobedience of court orders. The court issued a notice to the respondent to show cause why contempt proceedings should not be initiated and granted the respondent the opportunity to revert to a previous maintenance position specified in a judgment.

The present Contempt Petition was filed by the Petitioner, alleging the wilful and deliberate violation of a judgment dated 12.10.2023 by the Respondent. The Petitioner sought various reliefs, including holding the Respondent guilty of contempt, directing them to pay a fine, provide access to aircraft documents, and maintain the aircraft in accordance with specified guidelines.

The Petition contended that the Respondent failed to comply with directions from the 12.10.2023 judgment, specifically regarding regular maintenance, monthly inspections, and providing aircraft records. The Respondent filed several affidavits stating their inability to comply due to financial difficulties, including non-payment of salaries to technical personnel.

After examining the affidavits and submissions, the Court found that the Respondent had not complied with the orders and issued a notice to show cause why contempt proceedings should not be initiated. The Respondent then expressed willingness to revert to the maintenance position specified in a previous judgment, and the parties were given time to consider this proposition.

The matter was listed for further hearing on 15.03.2024, with parties instructed to act based on the digitally signed copy of the order.


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