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Govt. of Maha. declares 7 Feb. as a public holiday u/s 25 of NI Act in respect of Lata Mangeshkar

The Maharashtra government has announced a public holiday as well as one-day mourning on February 7, as a mark of respect to melody queen Lata Mangeshkar, who died of post-COVID complications in a hospital in Mumbai on Sunday.

Lata Mangeshkar, a legendary singer, who mesmerised millions with her golden voice, died at 92.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the chief minister's office (CMO) announced the one-day mourning and public holiday. All schools, colleges and government offices remain shut today.

The central government too had decided on a two-day "state mourning".

The Bombay HC and other subordinate courts under Bombay HC jurisdiction will also have a holiday today to mourn the demise of the legendary singer.

As a mark of respect to Bharat Ratna Ku. Lata Mangeshkar, Government of Maharashtra has declared 7 February 2022 as a public holiday under Section 25 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881. There will be no transactions and settlements in Government securities (primary and secondary), foreign exchange, money markets and Rupee Interest Rate Derivatives on February 7, 2022. Settlement of all outstanding transactions will accordingly get postponed to the next working day i.e., 8 February 2022.

Transactions under Liquidity Adjustment Facility (LAF) Fixed-rate Reverse Repo and MSF operations, for which the second leg settlement date was February 7, 2022, will now mature on the next working day i.e., February 8, 2022. Further, the daily LAF Fixed-rate Reverse Repo and MSF windows will be available as usual on February 7, 2022.


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