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A Special Combo Solution exclusively for Insolvency Professionals and Lawyers. 




DRT Reporter - 2024 Subscription


DRT Reporter - Subscription for the year 2024 for 4 Quarterly Paperback Journals.


India’s Leading Monthly Journal for Bankruptcy Lawyers.


Reporting judgments and orders of the Debt Recovery Tribunals (DRTs), Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunals (DRATs), High Courts and the Supreme Court of India pertaining to Bankruptcy of Individuals and Partnership Firms, under Bankruptcy and Securitization Laws along with Statutory Amendments, Government Orders, Circulars and Notifications, Legal Articles, and Legal Updates and Snippets.


Full Site Access - 1 year plan


India's only database covering DRTs and DRAT decisions


Valid for one year


  • Exclusive for Bankruptcy Law practitioners in DRTs and DRATs
  • Covering all relevant Debt Recovery judgments of Courts:
  • Supreme Court, High Courts, DRTs & DRATs
  • AI based Research Tools with filtering options
  • Most updated Acts, Rules and Regulations on Bankruptcy Law
  • Latest Circulars and Notifications
  • Complete Commentary on each topic of Bankruptcy Law
  • Articles by legal experts on key Bankruptcy Law issues
  • Forum Platform with over 3000 professionals to ask FAQs
  • Real time updates and analysis of latest developments in Law

Bankruptcy Law Solution

₹19,400.00 Regular Price
₹14,999.00Sale Price
  • 12 Monthly Journal Parts in Paperback

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