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Discussion Paper on Remuneration of an Insolvency Professional

This paper deals with the issue of the fee of an insolvency professional (IP) acting as an interim resolution professional (IRP)/ resolution professional (RP) in the corporate insolvency resolution process (CIRP) who has a significant role in ensuring the timely completion of the CIRP in addition to the indispensable role played by each stakeholder including the Adjudicating Authority (AA), the committee of creditors (CoC), resolution applicants, etc. To this end, the paper suggests changes to the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (Insolvency Resolution Process for Corporate Persons) Regulations, 2016 (CIRP Regulations).


Download the detailed Discussion Paper

Discussion Paper on Remuneration of an IP Dt. 9-6-2022
Download PDF • 436KB


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